VirusJet UK is Launched

With an invisible enemy amongst us – it is time to fight back!

As the responsible officer for your organisation, I am writing to introduce you to a game-changing device VirusJet. Available exclusively from VirusJet UK, this simple, automatic and effective sanitising device will bring peace of mind to your employees and clients by ensuring a safe workspace.

With over 60,000 sold across Europe and the USA, VirusJet will allow you to control infection and cross-contamination and ensure total sanitisation to all surfaces with minimum effort, no new risk assessment, minimal staff training and continued use of your current chosen sanitiser.


VirusJet UK is Launched

VirusJet - Air & Surface Disinfection

VirusJet delivers a dry mist that coats all surfaces without making surface wet, removing the need to wipe after use and with no down time. Fitted with a patented venturi diffusion nozzle, allows the disinfectant to be in contact with surfaces being treated, including those which appear inaccessible.

Better than manual
Experts agree that careful cleaning and disinfection are essential elements of effective infection control. Traditional manual cleaning and disinfection practices are often suboptimal, time consuming and costly.

Fast and effective
VirusJet is a super-fast and professional solution for total disinfection of large areas. One of the most powerful and effective ULV fogger / diffusers on the market.

No touch
“No-Touch” technologies have shown to reduce cross contamination. Manual disinfection of surfaces can be inadequate and newer approaches to disinfection are necessary.

VirusJet - Air & Surface Disinfection

Suitable for all applications
Regardless of your sector, VirusJet has an invaluable role to play in your fight against infection.

Children's Nurseries, Schools & Universities
Designed to treat typical rooms within 2 mins. Maintaining a safe, learning environment for all.

Hospitals, Dentists & Clinical Environments
Designed to treat inanimate areas within hospitals, clinical environments and ambulances. Ideal for rapid use between patients.

Hotels & Care Homes
Designed to treat typical rooms within 2 minutes. Protecting the most vulnerable.

Designed to treat all modes of transport: aircraft, trains, the underground, coaches, buses, ferries and cruise liners. Fast turnaround - moving people safely.

Offices & Production Centres
Ensuring that all workspaces are disinfected effectively; safe to use around sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. Peace of mind for returning employees.

Suitable for all applications

No organisation can turn a blind eye to what we have faced and continue to face. A proactive, professional and innovative approach is now called for. Virusjet is designed to make all aspects of our life safer.
Please take a look at yourself to learn more about how VirusJet can help you fight back and return life to normal, operationally and profitably.
Telephone us on 01932 568584, or email us on, where we will be happy to assist you with your purchasing options.

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