Joelson’s spotlight on VirusJet launching in UK

Artcle published by Joelson

This year, we feel it is important to shine a light on our clients’ businesses which are delivering innovative goods and services that have either been hit particularly hard during the pandemic, as well as those that are especially relevant – which is why we are pleased to be spreading the word about VirusJet.

VirusJet delivers a dry mist that coats all surfaces without making surface wet, removing the need to wipe after use, and with no down time. Fitted with a patented venturi diffusion nozzle, allows the disinfectant to be in contact with surfaces being treated, including those which appear inaccessible.

What makes it different?

  • Better than manual

    Experts agree that careful cleaning and disinfection are essential elements of effective infection control. Traditional manual cleaning and disinfection practices are often suboptimal, time consuming and costly.

  • Fast and effective

    VirusJet is a super-fast and professional solution for total disinfection of large areas. One of the most powerful and effective ULV fogger / diffusers on the market.

  • No touch

    “No-Touch” technologies have shown to reduce cross contamination. Manual disinfection of surfaces can be inadequate, and newer approaches to disinfection are necessary.

Martin, at VirusJet, said:

“Thank you to the whole team at Joelson for their support with VirusJet. I am so excited to be launching in the UK following the success of the product in Europe and the US!”

Jo Gregory, Litigation Partner at Joelson, said:

“We believe many businesses will benefit hugely from this product and we truly value our relationship with Martin, and have done for a number of years, so we wanted to spread the word about this excellent product!”

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