What is VirusJet?

VirusJet is the most compact and powerful diffuser / fogger on the market, designed with a powerful turbine motor. VirusJet delivers a dry mist which treats areas up to 1000m3 including unreachable areas. Safe to be used in areas with electrical and electronic devices.

What is Ultra Low Volume (ULV)?
Ultra Low Volume (ULV) are droplets between 4-5 microns (μm) in diameter. VirusJet is used for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, and pesticides in a microscopic dry mist.

How does VirusJet work?
Dangerous microbes such as viruses, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria that linger on surfaces and in the air for a long period are the main cause of diseases affecting humans and animals. This lingering behaviour can lead to reinfection and cross contamination. Studies show the application of disinfectants and biocides via dry mist significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens both in the air as well as on surfaces. VirusJet produces super micro-droplets reaching even the most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying cannot reach.

How to use VirusJet?
Fill the reservoir with your chosen disinfectant following the manufacturers dilution guidelines. Reattach the reservoir to the device. Place the device in an accessible and open area of the room. Set the volume (CBM) of the area. Press ‘Start’ and leave the room. The device starts after a 15 second delay. The device will automatically shut off once the area has been treated.

How is VirusJet different from other methods?
Current methods (fogging) spray larger droplet sizes, between 100-200 microns, creating a wet mist which can soak the area resulting in a downtime whilst the droplets dry. VirusJet sprays a microscopic mist, between 4-5 microns, leaving surface dry without any residue and no downtime.

What chemicals can be used in VirusJet?
Follow your current dilution rates of your current disinfectant in VirusJet. Do not use undiluted chemicals in VirusJet.

Can I use VirusJet whilst being in the room?
​Inhaling mist of any chemical may be harmful. Carefully follow the use instructions of your chose disinfectant. Everyone, including pets, must leave the space to be treated and close any doors prior to VirusJet starting. VirusJet is fitted with a 15 second delayed start function.

What precautions to take?
Remove all children, pets, and uncovered food from treated area. Carefully follow the use instructions of your chose disinfectant. Keep VirusJet away from ignition sources.

Can I use flammable chemicals?
Do not use flammable/alcohol based chemicals in VirusJet.

How do you calculate CBM?
CBM – cubic meter is calculated by multiplying length, width and height of area.

Which regions are covered by the warranty?
Our warranty is Worldwide and valid for 24 months.

  • Manufactured to ISO

    Manufactured to ISO

  • Certified by CE

    Certified by CE


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